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What is Cryptocurrency?
Digital money that is created by certain algorithms using cryptography (encryption). The word" cryptos "from Greek means" secret", hence the name of digital money. Encryption methods allow cryptocurrency to be protected from fraud, while having such a characteristic as auditability, i.e. transactions with cryptocurrency are publicly available for verification.
Cryptocurrency in the bulk of a decentralized, i.e. do not depend on any single computer. The cryptocurrency has a Creator (a programmer, a team, a project based on which the cryptocurrency is released), but there is no owner, an owner who could take away everything from everyone, or force it to devalue, as well - prohibit to use. By the way, all this, if you think well, you can do with the usual money - and from time to time it happens.
What is Bitcoin?
What is Satoshi?
What is Altcoin?
What is Fork?
What is Hard Fork?
What is Soft Fork?
What is Token?
What is a Bitcoin address?
What is a Bitcoin wallet?
What is the Blockchain?
What is mining?
What is Proof of transaction?
Who is this miner?
What is Asik?
What is a Farm?
What is Cloud mining?
What is the Hash rate?
What is a Pool?
What is the network Difficulty?
What is the emission?
What is Inflation?
What is Deflation?
What is Fiat?
What is a Master node?
What is a Transaction?
What is ICO?
What is a Pump?
What is a Captcha?