KTCINVESTING Key-Trust-Cryptocurrency mining

The team of professional’s FIE GROUP developed a special financial tool in 2015, which every month is improved. The latest technologies are used, as the present and the future for blocking and crypto-currencies. Financial experts confirm the high efficiency of investing in the crypto currency.

We present to you KTCINVESTING - a strategic multi-currency platform, which is available both for beginners of the crypto-currency market and for experienced traders. KTCINVESTING platform over the last year has been tested and proven in the market as a unique and very profitable tool for the new generation.

Each our client can earn on mining-crypto-currency without immersion in technical details. This is due to the availability of contracts in the Top-10 of the best mining services. Our service makes crypto-currency mining accessible to every Internet user.

Our trading professionals make a daily purchase / sale of the crypto-currency to increase their capital using the most sophisticated investment tools.

Since the beginning of 2017, we have launched a European data center for the extraction of advanced crypto-currencies.

Comfortable service platform allows you to manage your personal finances, replacing outdated banking systems. Unique in its features, functionality provides the ability to reliably, quickly and easily purchase, sell, exchange, transfer funds.

KTCINVESTING - strategic multi-currency platform gives you:

  • Internet platform 3.0

  • Personal account for managing KTC / USD tokens from 50% -70% per annum.

  • A crypto-portfolio from 30% - 50% per annum in Bitcoin, provided with leading crypto assets.

  • Our partners receive referral 5% from each invited user.

  • Purchase / sale / exchange / transfer of advanced crypto currency at the best rates.

  • Possibility for partners to purchase MasterCard and display profit on the card.

Offer to partners, networkers of the MLM industry, forum owners and blogs:

  • Want more profit? Become an active partner of the company!

  • By opening the MLM STATUS 40%, referral% automatically switches to 10 levels in depth from 5% to 0.1% and this status remains forever

To open a personal account you need:

  • Register on the site of the referral link.

  • Buy a token in your personal account and invest it in a hasht which generates a profit from the crypto currency.

  • Purchase of the token is done in any currency at the rate to USD.

  • Get daily profit on your hash in tokens 1 KTS = 1 USD.

  • The profit can be deduced weekly, we have 15 payment systems.

  • Instant purchase / sale / exchange / translation of Bitcoin in your personal account.

  • Cryptoportal is bought for Bitcoin and brings daily profit to Bitcoin

  • Profit can be output weekly in bitcoin

  • It is possible to instantly make a purchase / sale / exchange / transfer of currencies.

  • The tokens invested in the hash pass to the balance for 365 days.

  • Possible early withdrawal of funds by selling a hash on the domestic exchange.

Investment crypto-portfolio

Exchange rate P / W

BTC/USD8895.29 USD
ZrCoin/USD1.59 USD

License CMS

This nuance makes our project as safe as possible from hacking and unforeseen theft of funds.

Unique design

Makes using the website as pleasant and convenient as possible


Secure Sockets Layer is a cryptographic protocol that makes communication safer


DDOS is the element. It is impossible to predict the element, but it is necessary to prepare for it. We are ready!


Crypto portfolio - 100% secured by leading crypto assets. Investment strategy for 365 days. This means that the most reliable blockchain assets will be in the portfolio, having the upside potential up to 100%. Account of the portfolio in Bitcoin. The status of the portfolio in real time can be monitored in your account: instant conversion / purchase / sale / withdrawal in Bitcoin.

  • Buying heshrate for Bitcoin
    30% per annum
  • Bitcoin Daily Charges
  • Weekly output in Bitcoin
  • Referral 5%
  • Buying heshrate for Bitcoin
    40% per annum
  • Bitcoin Daily Charges
  • Weekly output in Bitcoin
  • Referral 5%
  • Buying heshrate for Bitcoin
    50% per annum
  • Bitcoin Daily Charges
  • Weekly output of % in Bitcoin
  • Referral 5%

Heshrate - Passive earnings

50%per annum
  • 100 - 500 KTC
  • Daily charge
  • Withdraw at any currency
  • Ref. bonus 5%
55%per annum
  • 501 - 1.000 KTC
  • Daily charge
  • Withdraw at any currency
  • Ref. bonus 5%
60%per annum<
  • 1.001 - 2.000 KTC
  • Daily charge
  • Withdraw at any currency
  • Ref. bonus 5%
65%per annum<
  • 2.001 - 5.000 KTC
  • Daily charge
  • Withdraw at any currency
  • Ref. bonus 5%
70%per annum<
  • 5.001 - 10.000 KTC
  • Daily charge $
  • Withdraw at any currency
  • Ref. bonus 5%-2%
75%per annum<
  • 10.001 - 20.000 KTC
  • Daily charge $
  • Withdraw at any currency
  • Ref. bonus 5%-2%-1%


40%per annum
  • Tokens invested in heshreyt 300 - 10000 KTC
  • Referral interest
  • First line 5%
  • Second line 0.9%
  • Third line 0.8%
  • Fourth line 0.7%
  • Fifth line 0.6%
  • Sixth line 0.5%
  • Seventh line 0.4%
  • Eighth line 0.3%
  • Ninth line is 0.2%
  • Tenth line 0.1%
  • * Attention: if you open the MLM STATUS 40%, then automatically referral % switches to 10 levels in depth from 5% to 0.1%. And this status remains with the partner forever.
The world's first blockchain-option for industrial products
  • 100% profit for 18 months
  • Investor receives 5% of profit each month
  • Instant purchase - selling ZrCoin in your personal account
  • Rate of P/W ZrCoin = USD in your personal account
  • Attention the release of ZrCoin tokens is limited to 5.000.000 Zr
  • ZrCoin which is constantly increasing in price will be buying quickly, so the minimum profit is 100-500% depending on the market value
  • After the audit of the company, anyone can apply for a ticket for the exchange of ZrCoin's option for the company's share.
  • Follow the news

The Opportunity for partners to purchase MasterCard and withdraw profit direct to the card

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