About KTCInvesting

Special financial tool KTCINVESTING was developed by the team of professionals of the FIE GROUP srl company, which make analysis of the crypto-currency market since 2015. This tool allows everyone without exception to earn production-mining, mining without immersing in the technical details of mining and working with crypto-currencies.

FIE GROUP srl is the first international organization created with the help of ordinary people around the world, created to promote and disseminate information about the global crypto currency market for the purchase and sale of crypto currency. Financial centers around the world can act as an intermediary in transactions between different types of buyers and sellers.

Alexander Zaveryukha

Alexander ZaveryukhaCEO

Richard Dilendorf

Richard DilendorfHead of International Development Department

Stefano Sciponi

Stefano SciponiAccount Manager

Artin Gjoka

Artin GjokaManager


About our team

Our acting team was established in early 2015 from the professionals of business, our common belief in crypto-currencies brought us together. We believe in the future of the crypto-currency and are happy to be a part of this growing global community and have proven in fact work capacity with a growth of 210% in 2015. Since January 2016, only in 6 months we got 130% of investment growth.

"The market of crypto-currencies is a huge potential for all and not only for the elite ..."